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What users say…


Nanuk 925

I recently purchased a Nanuk 925 case with foam and I could not be more pleased. Being that I have been a die hard customer of Pelican for many many years I was very skeptical of what I might be getting myself into. However, after looking at the specs of these cases and style I thought I would give it a try. Well, let me say these cases blow away Pelican. Pat Evans


Nanuk 925 Case with Padded Divider -Graphite (Camera)

It's sturdy and well padded. The Velcro separators made it easy to organize all my lenses and my camera. Love it. Raissa Hang


Nanuk 905 Case with Cubed Foam (Graphite) (Electronics)

This case is amazing, every time I open it I feel like some sort of secret agent. I bought this to put my portable projector in and not hurt it on my travels. It came with some break-away foam which made it easy to accommodate my projector and all the accoutrements. I even through this case down the stairs on a drunken bet, no scratches to the case at all and no issues with any of my equipment… Justin K


Nanuk 925 Case with Padded Divider

This case is a lot lighter than the traditional pelican cases. The latches are also really nice and easy to operate. Had it for a couple months and so far its been good… steve o


Nanuk 935
I really like the case. It seems very sturdy. The carry handles and tow bar seem well engineered. I especially like the integrated lid stay. When you open the lid you feel a little bit of resistance. After you go past this point the lid will stay open on it's own… Brian (TechJunkie)


Nanuk 915

Boy is this thing nice, not to heavy and built like a tank. Plenty of room for a growing system. Should easily accommodate a few lenses, flash, shutter release, and even another body. Really impressed with the quality for the price I paid.

If any of you are looking for another alternative to the usual fair in camera cases, give the Nanuk case line a serious look.